2017/18 Winners


Katie Quinnelly for Sparrow Pie

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Nancy Cook for Uncertain Endings

Joe Bardin for Body Archaeology


Stephen House for Black

Hannah Rodabaugh for We Traced The Shape Of Our Loss To See Your Face

Alexander Payne Morgan for A Question of Blood

Barry North for Reports from God’s Country



Katie is a West Virginian writer with two houseplants and a lot of pet rocks. She currently teaches climbing classes at Climbing New Heights in Martinsburg, WV and is a climbing guide in the Appalachian Mountains.

Photo credit: Lex Rodgers

Excerpt from “SPARROW PIE”

Sparrow Pie

I rent the apartment upstairs from Marcus. His garage is full of junk he uses to make things, like a shop vac or parts for his car or a sparrow trap.

Once, when I passed his garage, he was trying to find a silver rod for his chicken coop. He lured me in with his homemade apple brandy.

After searching for a while he became so frustrated he told me he thinks about killing himself. When he looks in the mirror he says he sees a monster.

On the shelf in his garage is a box that contains an old Halloween decoration. On the box written in sharpie it says “Marcus the Carcass” and inside is a rubber zombie mannequin.

Marcus says he feels so alone sometimes he wants to be the dead one.

The sparrow trap sits at the end of the driveway. It’s a metal structure that lets sparrows in with no exit. After a few hours in the cage, they just die. Marcus says when he has six of them, he’ll make a sparrow pie.

I walked past the sparrow trap this morning and there were two sparrows. They looked exactly alike except that one of them was alive, still trying to get out, and the other one was dead in the corner.