Contest Guidelines

Detailed Contest Guidelines–2023 contest will open September 15.

Winner receives $250! Submission fee is waived for 2022, limited to 100 submissions.

Guidelines: Eggtooth Editions Chapbook Contest (open September 15-December 15)

Award: Publication of winning manuscript and winner receives 20 copies of the chapbook

The Eggtooth Editions Chapbook Contest winner receives: $250 prize, publication of the winning manuscript as a physical book, and 20 author’s copies of the chapbook.

Please read the complete guidelines before submitting your manuscript.

Who May Submit

The Eggtooth Editions Chapbook Contest is open to anyone writing in the English language who has not previously published a full-length book (defined as a solely authored work of more than 50 pages, self-publishing included) . Works may be jointly authored by multiple writers or artists; note, however, that collaborators will only receive 20 copies of the chapbook total, to be divided up at the discretion of the judges among joint authors. Translations are not eligible for this prize, nor are previously published or self-published books, though individual parts of a manuscript may have been previously published or produced. The author must have rights to the work. Close friends, family members, and current or former students of any of the contest judges or editors are not eligible.

Manuscript Requirements

Submit a previously unpublished manuscript. However, individual parts of a manuscript may have been previously published or produced (with not more than 50% of a manuscript published in a single outlet). All manuscripts are required to state the author contact information on the cover/title page: name, mailing address, phone number, and email. Please number pages. PDFs are preferred, but Word documents are acceptable.

You may include a table of contents, acknowledgement page, epigraphs, notes, or other front or back matter—however, all pages, including the cover/title page, are counted in the page length. Manuscript should be 15-50 pages in length.

Submissions must be made online to our email address (see below) and each submission requires its own entry fee through PayPal of $10 US. (Link HERE.)

Individual parts of the manuscript may have been previously produced, published online, or in magazines, journals, anthologies, etc., but the work as a whole must be unpublished.

Simultaneous submissions to other publishers or contests are permitted, as long as you notify the Eggtooth Editions staff promptly if a manuscript is accepted elsewhere. Multiple submissions, whether in the same or different genres, are also permitted.

Manuscripts must be black and white/grayscale.


All submissions must be emailed (online) by December 15 to Multiple submissions require entry fees for each manuscript submitted.

Submit Your Manuscript

Submit your manuscript online:

Submissions are accepted September 15 to December 15. Be sure that your document is complete and formatted correctly before attaching a PDF (preferred) or Word document to an email addressed to with the subject line “Submission.” 

Reminder: include contact information on the cover/title page of your submitted manuscript.

Contact Information

Will Cordeiro and Megan Coe, contest coordinators: with subject line “Questions” or appropriate to your request. Phone: 702-419-4829 (text or call).


Eggtooth Editions (including the Eggtooth Editions Chapbook Contest) is affiliated with the nonprofit group Northern Arizona Book Festival, a registered 501©3. All monies generated by the contest will go toward publishing costs, the Northern Arizona Book Festival and its affiliates, and helping to promote, maintain, and grow Eggtooth Editions and its chapbook contest.

Notification of Receipt and Results

Please do not send a SASE. If you want notification that we have received your manuscript and/or submission fee, please email with the subject line “Notification of Receipt.” We plan to announce results of the contest in late March. We will notify all entrants by email of the results of our contest at that time; you may also check the website for any updates. We will list finalists on the website along with the winner.