Trap Street

Eggtooth Editions’s co-editor, Will Cordeiro, has just won the 2019 Able Muse Book Award, selected by David Mason, for his collection Trap Street. Learn more here!

Here’s a sample!

Manifest Destiny
   Old Route 66

Long walk past sun-cracked faults
of country, trap rock trace
on highway given way
to rip-rapped, driven tor—

a roadbed’s bedrock, vaults
of rusted flasks: rest place
scorched to flake, annulled. Pay-
dirt paved over, laved & scored

by sand-grains poured down
wind. Come see America end
to end: hardscrabble towns
graveled, bellied up, or burnt.

By badlands past renown
this buffaloed, hell-bent
stained off-road trail of stones
tears off to no return.

    (previously published in Museum of Americana: A Literary Review)
Sample from Trap Street